Nuts are a wonderful snack, particularly when eaten instead of foods such as cakes and biscuits.

They are the best and the healthiest "fast food" and are easy to carry around.

Nuts are a good choice as a healthy way of obtaining fat or as a snack between meals together with some carbohydrates. .


La variedad es muy importante en la dieta y esto es aplicable tanto a los frutos secos como a otros alimentos. Para obtener el beneficio máximo de la ingesta de frutos secos, es importante asegurarse de que están frescos y mantenerlos en un lugar fresco.

Variety in our diets is very important, and this applies to both nuts and other foods. To obtain the maximum benefit from eating nuts, it is important to ensure that they are fresh and to store them in a cool and dry place. A diet rich in nuts is good for our bodies. It helps prevent the appearance of intestinal diseases, and as they are rich in  Vitamins E and B, phosphorus, potassium, copper, iron and selenium they help to prevent diseases such as cancer, reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and reduce the levels of cholesterol in the blood.

People who want to maintain their weight and those who want to lose weight normally see nuts as a real enemy when it comes to achieving their goals. Almonds, walnuts, peanuts and hazelnuts have always been considered as a food to avoid in a healthy diet, partly because of their high calorie content and the amount of fat they contain. However, nowadays both nutritionists and doctors agree on the health benefits from eating nuts, and several pieces of research have found no connection between nuts and obesity.

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